Success Stories


Abhijeet Kushe

"One day, you will realize that you are tired of taking baby steps, and you will want to
take giant steps and make great strides forward. That is when you will be ready for the
live event, and you will do anything to make it happen. If you are experiencing the same
challenges, don’t give up! I started by reading his books, then listening to his YouTube
videos, attending his webinars and purchasing his confidence schoolbook. I started
applying the techniques, taking notes, and reminding myself of the techniques he
suggested, and as change set in, I knew it was really working for me. At that point, I just
wanted to expedite the process. I was worried about the cost of a live event, but then a
thought came to me: How much am I ready to pay for a weekend that will make me truly
happy? How much am I willing to pay for a moment that might end up being the
happiest moment of my life?"


Surabhi Gokhale

I was struggling with social anxiety for a while . . . and there was this period where I was like, “I need some motivation.” I went onto YouTube and found Aziz’s video about not being so nice and watched it over and over. It was like hearing my own brain talking. It took me about 2-3 months to start assimilating what he was teaching, and then I started applying it and seeing major changes. The changes were not small--they were completely transformational changes. It was literally like he introduced me to me. Though I had already studied his videos, attending the live event allowed me to meet with people who had the same intentions as me. It pushes you to do the things you wouldn’t do just sitting at home by yourself reading his book and allows you to feed off of each others’ energy.



Dave Meindl

"For me, doing pick-up artist stuff actually messed me up more than it helped me--it
amplified my social anxiety and insecurities. Since working with Aziz, strange things
have started happening to me without really even doing anything.


Women come onto me now, and that sort of thing never happened to me before in my
life. Dr. Aziz is a guy who understands the fear, pain, rejection, suffering, self-talk, and
self-hatred of people who deal with social anxiety and have problems talking to girls. He
had to make it happen for himself and then he put himself out there for other people."



Dylan Reid

"Before reading his books, taking his programs, going to his events, and joining his
Mastermind group, I was shy, quiet, incredibly self critical, stressed, and generally felt
that my life was bland.


I wasn't excited about the direction of my life and had goals that I didn't think I could
accomplish. I now feel internally at peace, am outgoing, and am excited to share my
thoughts, opinions, and jokes with friends and strangers alike. I am super excited about
the direction of my life and feel like success with my goals is inevitable. I have launched
a website and podcast (which I will be monetizing soon!), won a national championship
in racquetball (which was a major stretch goal of mine), and feel way more confident
and powerful at work (which was one of the places that I felt most anxious). If you're
considering working with Aziz and are willing to do the work that he recommends, I
promise that you won't regret it."